The finale of the Fourth Great Ninja War has brought about a new era.
This new era is led by Naruto, who freed all the tailed beasts and united the villages.
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 How to Open a Shop

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Faye Ashikimoto


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PostSubject: How to Open a Shop   Fri Dec 26, 2014 4:51 pm

Opening a Shop in the Ninja World

Opening and purchasing wares from a shop is easy. The template is up to you, as long as you adhere by the following rules:

----Buying Items----

- You must have a Character Statistics topic before you can purchase items.

- You are only able to use items you purchase in a topic AFTER the time you buy the product. I.E: if you are in (a) topic(s) during the purchase of the product, you cannot use the product in the same topic(s).

- The location of the shop does not matter, but it would be good roleplaying etiquette (though not mandatory) to only stick to those you can reach (i.e: missing nin might find it harder to purchase from a village shop)

- Shop purchases must be approved by the shop owner within 24 hours for you to be able to buy the product. (Anything after this has to be posted again)

- If you have insufficient funds at any point in this 24 hours, the entire purchase is cancelled.

- When you obtain or lose Ryo due to a transaction, please post in the 'Contact the Staff' subforum with a link to your accepted purchase for them to make the necessary changes to your profile(s).

- Add your purchased item(s) to your Character Statistics topic.

----Selling Items----

- The template/layout of your shop is up to you, as long as you have the following information:
-- Your character's (the shopkeeper's) name
-- The location of the shop (it must be in an accessible location, i.e: not on the highest peak of the tallest mountain, or in an erupting volcano Razz)
-- The name of the item(s) being sold
-- Links to the item(s) being sold
-- Prices of the item(s)
-- Stock amount (how many you have)

- You can only sell items that are in your possession.

- You must approve people's purchases within 24 hours for them to be able to buy your product(s). (Anything after this has to be posted again)
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How to Open a Shop
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